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The name of the new to-be elementary school in Brigham City will be Golden Spike Elementary School, so voted school board members at their board meeting last week.

The name was not on the list of names suggested by the original committee of patrons of the new school. The name was not on the survey list compiled by board members via technology. It was chosen from a list of names suggested by the board members during the meeting this week.

Names on the survey list included Canyon Creek, Peach Grove, Golden Spike, Endeavor, Peach Valley, Bunderson and Snow. Board Member Bryan Smith favored the name Endeavor as it suggested trying to reach a goal (as in education). Board Member Nancy Kennedy remarked the district already had a school named in remembrance of the space program (Discovery) and preferred Peach Grove.

Board Member Wade Hyde remarked that the name Golden Spike referred to history in the area and had never been used before. The board agreed that other names seemed to refer to places or history near the new school.

After a vocal vote, the name Golden Spike Elementary School was chosen with negative votes by board members Bryan Smith and Karen Cronin.

Julie Taylor was chosen to head the school board as president for a term with Tiffani Summers as vice president. Newly elected board members Bryan Smith, Nancy Kennedy, Tiffani Summers and Connie Archibald were given the oath of office by Rod Cook, Business Administrator.

Corey Thompson, Director of Facilities, announced the new community high school in Brigham City, Sunrise, will be open for student occupation on Feb. 1. He also asked for bid approval for the new Golden Spike Elementary School.

Construction firm Hogan and Associates received board approval in the amount of $26,995,061 and will begin as weather permits. The board also approved an extra $488,730 for the photovoltaic solar panel system. Also, Thompson explained the school will be heated and cooled via geothermal access on the property, a process used by other school districts with success.

School fees were approved for next year with minimal changes as presented by Keith Mecham, Assistant Superintendent. However, the fee for cheerleader participation was increased to $1,100 from $800 at the request from coaches and parents. General fees were reduced.

The next school board meeting will be February 10, 2021, at the Independent Life Skills center in Brigham City.

A sincere letter of commendation and recognition for outstanding teaching ability and commitment was sent to 38 online teachers throughout the district:

Kelli Nessen – Kindergarten

Barb Haramoto – 1st grade

Sharon Cook – 1st grade

Carol Pyle – 2nd grade

Kelly Esplin – 2nd grade

Susan Chadaz – 3rd grade

Emily Zito -3rd grade

Cindy Payne – 4th grade

Janelle Janssen – 4th grade

Noelle Sadler – 5th grade

Dallin Gittins – 5th grade

6th grade Online Teachers:

Julia Wilcox- Language Arts

Michelle Vance – Language Arts

Nicole Richards – Math

Joanna Blaylock – Math

Erica Bloxham – Science

Tami Munns – Science

Secondary Online Learning:

Caden Burrell – South End Supervisor

Brooks Nelson – North End Supervisor

Patrick Parker – Math

David Jensen – Math

Greg Cefalo – Science

Sara Percy – Science

Peter Gerlach – Social Studies

Aaron Crawford – Social Studies

Rachel Storm – Language Arts

Heidi Jensen – Language Arts

Morgan Fowles – Online Coordinator

Whitney Roundy – Online Coordinator

Rick young –Testing Proctor

Darcie Dyer – Testing Proctor

Amanda Thomas – Testing Proctor

Online Canvas Courses:

Mark Holland – 7th Grade Art

Erica Bywater – 7th Grade CTE

Michael DeFillipis – 7th Grade CTE

Julia Wilcox – 7th Grade Utah History

Joette Craig – 8th Grade Digital Literacy

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