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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen thoroughly enjoyed a drive from home to Paradise, Utah to see the Porcupine Dam east of there. “It is really beautiful, and full of pine and cedar trees,” he said. When asked if they stopped somewhere for lunch, he responded “No, we just take a little meal or snack to eat as we go. Sometimes we pull over to eat along the side of the road.” Orson stated it took approximately 45 minutes to get there, and another 45 minutes to get home. The sightseeing just adds a little to the total time. He further says he and Jeannette had heard about it, but had never been there before. He says it seems to be a fairly large holding of water, but no hydroelectric turbines. He thinks it is used primarily for irrigation.

Orson and Jeannette have acquired a wonderful 32-foot-long, fifth-wheel house trailer. They are spending most of their spare time cleaning it and getting it ready for a trip in the future. This new venture has necessitated slowing down on their quilting cottage project.

Laura Wheatley and family are enjoying the weather in town. “We miss Promontory, but we sure don’t miss the bugs,” Laura says.

Zane Wheatley’s sister Megan and family have come up from Arizona to visit. They and other Wheatley family members are enjoying water fun. Some family members rented a bounce house and installed it on sister Maquel’s property. They had it just for the day. All had fun.

Everly Wheatley was given a very young kitten. All love it, but Nora is a little too rough with it.

The family is mostly just “hanging out.” All the Wheatley daughters got their hair cut last week by a friend named Stephanie. They are all excited about their “new ‘dos.”

Boyd Udy is continuing to ride his horses in preparation for the Fort Horse Colt Sale on June 27.

The Adamses and Boyd are getting cows and calves rounded up to make sure all the calves are claimed and nursed by their mothers before shipping them to summer pasture in Idaho. It is a slow process, and as quiet as possible so as not to cause too much disturbance to the animals. “Quick works real good,” they all say.

Boyd also gives a big “hello” to James Jensen, the watermaster he knows.

Jim and Starr Mitchell had their granddaughters for a several days’ visit last week. They enjoyed playing on the swing set out in the Mitchells’ backyard. They also rode their bikes. During the hottest part of the day, Starr kept them inside and cooked simple, cool meals with, of course, their help.

Starr’s brother Patrick came to dinner one night while the girls were there. He and they enjoyed each other’s company.

Winnie Richman had MRIs scheduled for her back and sore knee. Only the one of the back was clear enough to see. The technician told her she had too much metal in her knee to be able to see anything. He suggested getting a CAT scan to determine the cause of the pain. She was scheduled for the CAT scan the week of June 1.

Aaron and April Richman came out and helped Winnie with a few ranch chores around the farm. She is grateful for the help and the conversation afterwards.

A quiet home church on Sunday, easy chores, and all seems to be well.

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