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Laura Wheatley and daughters Georgia and Ruby took books back to the library and the Box Elder County Bookmobile and chose more books for everyone to read. The family had chosen these two sisters to choose for them this time, Laura says.

Laura and her sisters, Joanne and Stacey, had a cousins’ sleepover at their homes. The older girls from all three families spent their night at Joanne’s home. The boys went to Stacey’s home, and Laura had the five-year-olds at her home. Although this is a much-anticipated event in their families, the first thing Laura’s girls did when they got home was went to bed.

Daughter Georgia is really missing her basketball from the winter months. She is still practicing her dribbling and other skills. Daughter Everly will be signed up for softball soon.

Sunday, after their church at home, the Wheatley family drove to Promontory to visit El O’ Driscoll, and to pat as many of his baby goats as they could catch up to. Some of those babies were really gentle, and others continued to run away. Laura says they were really cute as they piled up near each other to sleep.

Orson Poulsen says the new quilting cottage is “pretty well finished.” It only needs the shower to be put in place. Orson says he will take his time with this project. He says he also needs to build a table. He and Jeannette are preparing for an open house, hopefully in April. Orson told this writer that he has done about 60% of it all by himself.

The Poulsen horses are doing really well. They are doing what they are supposed to do.

Orson and Jeannette drove to Salt Lake City on Saturday to visit Jeannette’s son and wife. They report always taking the dogs with them to these visits.

Boyd Udy and his cowboy friends are still sorting cow/calf pairs from the herd and placing them with other pairs in another pasture.

Spring work is upon him. He is harrowing the pastures, cleaning things out, and burning other places to help the new spring growth come up unobstructed around the ranch. He says all his family is good.

Jim and Starr Mitchell hope your St. Patrick’s Day was very special for you. Starr’s brother Patrick came for dinner. Starr served a cabbage salad, homemade rolls and deer steaks for dinner. Pat loves her homemade meals.

Gabi and Madi were excited to finally have St. Patrick’s Day here. Gabi has been planning her leprechaun trap all year. She used gold-wrapped chocolate coins for bait. She hopes to catch one this year. Mother Ashley goes all out for the special dinner she will serve.

To help welcome in St. Patrick’s Day, Starr saw her first butterfly of the year. It was brown with yellow edging on the outside of its wings. Starr also says she has crocuses coming up in her front yard.

Winnie Richman is also glad to have at least 20 big yellow daffodils in her garden in front of the house, and more to come there. Also, Winnie is hoping for more of the lovely flowers in her other, less-protected garden. The leaves have shot up, but so far no blooms yet.

Winnie thanks Richard Nicholas for hauling her three bulls to the Bear River Animal Hospital in Tremonton for their yearly checkups. All three bulls were very high in their percentages. Winnie will not have to replace them this year.

On Tuesday, Winnie joined sister-in-law Gayle Richman at the Logan Chuck-A-Rama for lunch. A good meal and good conversation made a good day better. After lunch, Winnie did some shopping in Logan, then drove down to Brigham City to get her frozen items.

On Wednesday, Winnie had her second COVID-19 vaccination. She thought she would not have any after effects, but by the next day she was laid low and had to call son Aaron and his wife April to come do some watering and feed the heifers and bulls. She is very grateful for his help! When they tried to leave, their car wouldn’t start, so they called son Skyler to come get them.

Through all her activities, Winnie has kept up with the Jazz games. They are really great this year. She forgot the All-Star Game. The reports she got were that the game was a good one. Three of the Jazz and Coach Snyder all got to participate in it.

Thursday, Winnie took her stock trailer to the Western Valley Repair to be completely rewired. It will be ready soon.

Saturday night before going to bed, Winnie set her clocks and watch ahead one hour. She says they will only hurt for a couple of days.

Also on Saturday, Winnie joined daughter Heather Lott and all her family at The Grille in Tremonton for a birthday celebration for Heather. The meal was delicious, and Winnie had enough leftover for her dinner that night.

Sunday, her whole ward was invited to attend church. It was wonderful.

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