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Georgia and Kate Wheatley performed on their musical instruments, the piano and harp, in a recital last week. Proud mother Laura said “They did great! Both probably played the best they’ve ever played.” There were 10 students who participated in the recital. Carol Larsen, who couldn’t attend the recital, came over on Sunday to hear them. Ruby also had her violin recital.

Laura says the school PTA is doing good. They hope Santa will come visit the school before Christmas.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove up to Rigby, Idaho Saturday for the funeral of a dear friend. He was one of the missionaries where the Poulsen couple served their mission in Nauvoo, Illinois. Orson was given the honor of dedicating the grave with his prayer.

Jeannette and Orson have both had “terrible” colds, and they are trying now to get well again. It has been slow.

Jim and Starr Mitchell have been preparing their home for Christmas. They have decorated their tree and hung their stockings. Now they are preparing Christmas presents for each other and for their children and grandchildren.

Starr reports some sad news among the Christmas cheer. Ronald Porter passed away peacefully last Thursday. Funeral services have not been announced. He is a former resident of Promontory.

Boyd Udy has been doing more work around the ranch. He says “There is always something that needs to be done, usually right now!” The cows are now being fed hay. They cowboys feel it would not be good to graze the pastures too heavily before feeding hay. The drought has surely taken a toll on the cow owners’ plans. They hay will help get the cows ready for the calving season in the spring. Boyd says the cows are looking good, and so are the weaner calves.

Winnie Richman is also feeding hay to her cows. Due to the extreme drought, she started feeding earlier than usual. Son Aaron has been a big help with this work. He always says, as he is leaving “If you need anything, just call me.” Winnie is VERY grateful for his help.

Sunday after church, Winnie asked Aaron to come do chores and watering so she could go to Brigham to her friend’s home to watch the Jazz on her big-screen TV. It was an exciting game, which they won by one last-minute point. Her friend had it recorded. When timeouts or halftime came, she just fast forwarded it to the next play. The whole game, without interruptions, took only about an hour and a half. Winnie is going to look into the technology for herself.

The Jazz have won 19 out of 26 games. That is close to 75% wins. Go Jazz!

By the time you read this, Christmas will be only days away. Please have a very Merry Christmas!

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