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Jeanette Poulsen said she and a few friends enjoyed a continuation of their crocheting lessons at Marie Roche’s home recently. They not only learned, but also enjoyed stimulating conversation and some laughter.

Orson and Jeanette spent a few days in the St. George area visiting Orson’s brother Reese and his wife, and some other relatives, too. They had a lot of fun.

The quilting cottage ceiling is finished. Now they are going to add the trim around it. They still need to do the floors, which will be done in a wood-looking linoleum. This is on order. Orson had two pieces of carpet leftover from another project, which he will put on the floor of the loft. He comments that “the cottage could be a small, livable home” when he is finally finished.

The Poulsens bought a brand-new small truck, a half ton, which they hope will be the last conveyance they ever need.

The horses are doing really well, even in this colder weather. They are driving good, too.

Laura Wheatley says daughter Everly has reached a milestone in her young life. She has been invited to join with the Young Women for activity days in their ward. She is enjoying it immensely.

Everybody in the Wheatley family enjoyed skiing at Beaver Mountain last week. The two youngest girls, Nora and Kyra, stayed with Zane’s sister Maquel. Kyra is now walking and trying to keep up with her older sisters. All the skiers had a learning experience, even at night, except for Laura, who will learn next time they go. All had fun. It was all the girls talked about for the rest of the week.

Georgia Wheatley’s basketball team played again, but didn’t win this time, but it was a close game. They will play until the end of February.

Jim and Starr Mitchell are burning their store of pine hardwood in their fireplace. They like this kind of wood because it burns almost completely, leaving very few ashes to haul away. It is keeping them nice and warm.

The Mitchells’ animals are doing well.

On Sunday, Starr’s brother Patrick came to dinner.

Jim and Starr’s granddaughters are doing real good. Madi, the younger, likes to show all her character costumes for them to see. She is real quick to change from one to another.

“We are staying warm and staying in,” Jim says. “There are no flies or mosquitoes or other bugs, so this is a good time of year. One can always bundle up against the cold weather.”

Winnie Richman is progressing well after her back surgery in early November. She is back to doing her chores, and driving her car and truck. Some very nice people came and put salt or snowmelt on the ice between her gate and the road. She is now able to get her car up on the road. She has also put icemelt near her water taps to avoid slips or accidents while she is doing chores. She feels the sunshine and the slightly warmer days are also helping to melt the slippery ice. She is very grateful to the people who put the icemelt between her gates and the road to town. She is now enjoying the Jazz basketball games.

Son Aaron Richman comes out to feed the mother cows, check the heifers’ and bulls’ hay, and always stays to chat afterward. His conversation is greatly appreciated, too. Sometimes he brings April. The two girls enjoy good conversation while he is working.

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