WOW! What a week in Portage! Although I shouldn’t, I am a little surprised and proud of Portage. I lived in the Bay Area in California for 20 years and am so glad that we are now living in this small town in Utah. We did have good neighbors in California and we watched out for each other, but it just was not quite the same. As it began to snow at the first of last week, my nerves went on edge, as they usually do. The snowplow was ready to go and we have an excellent driver, but the “S” word always gets me nervous.

As the snow began I was nervous, but knew we had it covered. Mike John is our snow driver and he does a great job, but it is impossible for him to hit all the streets at the same time. He is good, but not that good. The county keeps the lane, four-way stop, Main Street and 8800 West pretty clear because they are school bus routes. Even during the holiday times they were helping us out. Thank you, county!

Many slide-offs were reported on the Freeway during this time to the Portage EMTs. At one point traffic had to be stopped so the emergency vehicles could get in to help all the vehicles that slid off the road. It seems that people don’t slow down, even when the roads are slick, the wind is blowing and it is snowing.

Portage is amazing as you watch neighbors get out there, in all kinds of weather, that are aware and helping their neighbors. AWARE is a big thing! We have a lot of elderly people in our town that are unable or don’t have the equipment to do their driveways, etc., themselves. It makes me so proud how we pull together to make it happen. Friends making sure that the sidewalks are shoveled, cars cleaned off, digging out cars that have a curb of snow around them, and on and on. Calling to make sure people are alright or need help. Many Thanksgiving dinners were put off until another time because people were snowed in. Things were revamped and Thanksgiving continued, even if on a smaller basis. I love this town!

Some of our people had already left before the storm hit. They were not aware that there had been such a big storm until they returned. There again, residents noticing that people were not home dug out driveways.

Well, on to Christmas. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is holding the town Christmas party this Friday, Dec. 6 at 6 p.m. Everyone in town is invited, dinner will be served and yes, I heard that a special guest just might be there. Everyone be sure and come!

There is something new on 9200 West. The darkness that always enveloped that neighborhood has been somewhat relieved. A new street light was installed by the town council. The resident that lives on the corner in the gray house says that the deer love it, too. She was watching out her window one night and a herd of deer gathered under and around the light. There were does, fawns and even a buck all laying around seeming to enjoy the light and warmth. I drove by the other day and there are leaves and hoof prints all around the area. At night the whole street seems so much better and safer. More new houses are planned to be built on the west side of the street in the near future, so everyone will benefit.

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