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Starr Mitchell has been very busy in her kitchen these last weeks. She and Jim have made two more batches of salsa and two more batches of chili sauce. All are now in bottles for future use. The boxes of green tomatoes are ripening fast. These boxes contain just one layer of tomatoes to provide access to light and to prevent, crushing or crowding. Starr says that they’ll just can these tomatoes to use in many of their recipes.

Both Jim and Starr got their bucks this year. The animals are all ready to cut up and wrap. All the scraps will be cooked and given to their dogs. Jim and Starr don’t want anything to go to waste and are very grateful for those scraps; so are the dogs.

Granddaughter Gabrielle got her report card. Mom and dad, Ashley and Steven, are very proud of her. Only one person got highest grade in religion and that was Gabi. She has also passed all her spelling tests perfectly. Her teacher says she is very kind, sweet, and polite to other students.

Laura Wheatley reports Saturday, she and her sisters Joann and Stacey and all their children got together at Stacey’s home in Collinston for a pre-Halloween party. They all played Halloween games and served a Halloween-themed meal. They served grilled cheese sandwiches. One slice of bread had jack-o-lantern cut outs before grilling. Soup was also served. For dessert “boonanas” were served. Chocolate chips were used for eyes and the mouth. All had a really good time.

The Bookmobile broke down but will come as soon as possible.

Oldest daughter Everly went on a field trip to Hardware Ranch with her school class. They had fun.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen say this weather is just too cold! They still had time to dress warmly and got to town to visit friends.

Several years ago Orson duplicated one of Jeanette’s quilt square patterns and put it on a huge panel of plywood and hung it on the west side of his tool shop. He noticed recently that this pattern, named “Invented Star,” needed to be refurbished. He took it down, sanded it smooth, and repainted it in red, white, and blue. The Poulsens will hang it on the west side of their quilting cottage.

The Poulsens have been painting the outside walls of the quilting cottage to protect them from the weather. They have another quilt on their machine, but it isn’t quite finished.

Orson says all his animals are doing fine.

Talk about rushing the seasons; Winnie Richman has completed all of her Christmas orders to England and New Zealand. These orders will be delivered on time. Yes!

On Monday Winnie drove to the Logan Chuck-A-Rama to eat lunch with her sister-in-law. As always, the meal was delicious and conversation flowed freely. After lunch Winnie did some shopping before returning home.

On Tuesday Winnie celebrated late husband Clynn’s birthday by doing lots of “little stuff” around the house.

Wednesday Winnie and dear friend Carolyn Carter drove to their art class in Clearfield City. Both ladies made great progress on their canvases. Carolyn is almost finished and Winnie signed hers. Winnie will leave her work to dry then brush off all chalk tracings and any other removable marks. After art the two friends stopped at McDonald’s for lunch on the run.

Wednesday night Winnie watched the season opener of the great JAZZ! They won. It’s on the same channel as last year. Now the Jazz withdrawals can withdraw. Winnie will have something on TV to be excited about until June or later. Go, JAZZ!

Friday Winnie did chores and drove to town to do a little shopping. And that night she watched the Jazz.

Sunday was Stake Conference. It was sent out to the Thatcher Church so Winnie stopped there. It was great; we have a new Stake Presidency. It will be good to get to know them, but we will miss the former men.

Sunday afternoon Lyle and son Brantzen came out and separated Winnie’s keeper heifers from her feeder steers. All is well. “Thank you Lyle and Brantzen,” Winnie says gratefully.

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