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Orson Poulsen says they have a very nice trailer. They have finished the new curtains for it and will put the new flooring in next week.

Orson and Jeannette took a nice drive after church up the North Ogden Divide road and down into Eden. From there they accessed the road to Monte Cristo and over to Woodruff. After Woodruff, they drove through the town of Randolph. Orson says he thinks the area around the two towns looks very dry.

The couple proceeded down Logan Canyon to Logan, and home again.

Orson says he cut hay on the north field of his land. He says it looks like the best cut ever. Keith Weaver will bale it. Ashton Esplin gave Orson a lot of help for which he is very grateful. Ashton is the son of Ian and Janelle Esplin.

Jim and Starr Mitchell took Gabi and Madi Mitchell to a park close to home. They took Charlie, their dog, with them on a leash. On the way back, Charlie seemed to be tired, so Starr put him in the stroller with Madi. They arrived home to let the girls play on their trampoline in the backyard. They had taken water bottles and a bowl for Charlie.

After jumping the rest of their energy away, Starr took them into the house to have lots of fun with some Play-Doh until their mother arrived home. Starr says these activities are better than TV.

Laura Wheatley and her girls have been learning about the sun and the moon and space. They are doing crafts having to do with the sun and the moon. Each girl drew a picture of these two space objects, then each put drops of wet colors on their drawings. Laura then covered the drawings and paint with plastic wrap and let the girls smooth the colors together without getting any on themselves. Laura says the drawings and paint turned out really well, and all were different and unique. The youngest Wheatley daughter is starting to do tummy crawling.

Boyd Udy took cattle to a Utah State University reined-cow horse show on Saturday. It was show No. 2 and turned out very hot in temperature.

Boyd is driving his mares early in the mornings. His daughter Jessica wants to drive them at the Box Elder County Fair in one of the workhorse classes.. The show will be on Monday of fair week this year.

The rest of Boyd’s time is spent on the ranch doing whatever needs to be done.

Although this is next week’s news, Winnie Richman wants to thank her doctor and all the wonderful staff at McKay-Dee Hospital for their kind, friendly care after her heart surgery on Monday. She is home and doing well.

Most of Winnie’s week was taken up with doctor’s or their staff’s appointments. She is grateful for their care, too. She wrote down a wonderful price on sausage and egg McMuffins, but never had time to order them before they stopped serving them.

Winnie did her driver license renewal on Thursday with the very able help of daughter-in-law April Richman on the internet. Even the fee could be covered with a card. “Thank you, April,” Winnie says most gratefully. It will be good for another five years.

On Saturday, Winnie unloaded two loads of hay from semis. She just left the hay in the field so the truckers could leave faster.

Sunday was the first church meeting since early in March. It was wonderful! Winnie’s name is in the alphabet between the letters L and Z, so she could be there by 10:30 a.m. The attendees were asked not to linger afterwards. Home and a nap after a blessing for a successful surgical procedure left Winnie with her last chores for a week or two.

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