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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen spent five days in Delta, Utah attending a state convention of the Good Sam organization. There were nine different chapters attending. There were approximately 80 trailers and motorhomes, and nearly 250 people in attendance.

There were some very fun and competitive games that the clubs played. The Peach City Good Sam Club, Orson and Jeannette’s club, won the beanbag baseball tournament. There were several other games and contests enjoyed by players and spectators alike. There was even an hour of dance instruction from a pair of professional dancers. Entertainment was provided nightly by members from the various clubs, as well as by professional entertainers hired by the state organization.

Orson and Jeannette traveled through Eureka and Santaquin on their way home. It was a very pretty drive through country they had not seen before.

They also stopped in Salt Lake City for a short visit with son Luke Houston and his two rambunctious sons.

Jim and Starr Mitchell went pronghorn antelope hunting and say it was a great success! When one gets the animal, the points of its horns are not counted like on deer. However, measurements are taken and given scores. The Mitchells’ antelope scored very high. It was a big buck and very mature. The couple will cut him up and bottle him for meals this winter. Jim took him to a taxidermist to have the head and cape mounted. The Mitchells and a friend, Dave White, had a wonderful time. “He helped make the hunt very enjoyable,” Starr says.

The couple has started baking their little sugar pie pumpkins and will bottle them for future use in pies or cookies.

Jim has finished cutting and splitting the wood he and Starr brought home. He also did a big load for Starr’s brother Patrick, who didn’t have time to do it himself.

Gabi and Madi Mitchell, Starr and Jim’s granddaughters, are doing so good. They are still loving school. Starr took them for a short trip to the Ogden Nature Center after they had done their homework.

Boyd and Kris Udy traveled to the wonderful Pendleton Roundup in Oregon. They left Wednesday and came home Sunday. They really had fun. “It was a great show,” Boyd says. “The arena is huge and all grass.” The couple went with lots of friends and enjoyed all there was to do. Boyd reports the elk bugled all night, every night while they were there. Boyd said it was OK with him.

Boyd’s only other news is he is just doing ranch work here at home.

The Zane Wheatley girls are still involved with their piano, harp and violin lessons. They are getting used to going back to their weekly schedules of lessons.

The girls are also either players or cheerers in the game of soccer. On Saturday, their team made two goals.

Father Zane Wheatley has gotten new eyeglasses. Laura says it is hard to get used to having to go to two schools. “It is challenging,” she says. She is also enjoying her PTA job.

Winnie Richman is chasing flies and mosquitoes with her can of bug spray. “It is a big job just to keep them out of my house,” she says.

Winnie reported acquiring a map of England. She took it to Hobby Lobby in Logan to see what it would cost to put it in a frame with both sides visible. After much consideration with the framers, she was told it would cost in the neighborhood of $100. She will enjoy the map as it is!

Tuesday, she looked for tin foil in the usual drawer in her kitchen. There was none. She needed a small piece to put over her cards in her wallet to keep scammers from getting her info. She will get a roll next time she is in town.

Winnie has had several meetings with her real estate person about the sale of her ranch. “I hate to let it go, but I’m just too stogged up to do the work I need to do,” she says candidly.

After church Sunday, Winnie drove to Brigham City to be with family members to celebrate great-grandson Jayden’s 11th birthday. It was a great party with plenty of delicious food and a very tasty cherry cake with the 11 requisite candles to blow out. However, the candles didn’t stay extinguished until Jayden himself pinched each one out. “What a brave boy,” Winnie thought.

Winnie stopped at Manning’s Short Stop in Corinne and replenished her supply of 20-ounce Diet Pepsis on the way home to do her nightly chores of feeding her cats and kittens, one horse, and two beautiful black bulls.

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