The Town of Portage Council held a meeting on Wednesday, May 8. The business was taken care of from the last meeting in April and then moved on to the business for this month.

First was discussion of changing the time of the planning and zoning meeting to 6 p.m. starting in June. All of these are held at the town hall and are held on the first Wednesday of each month. The council approved this change.

Everyone in town should have received the water rates for this summer. They are $40 per month for 40,000 gallons and $19 per hour/block for surface irrigation water. Initial town-owned ditch maintenance will be provided by the town. Maintenance thereafter will be the responsibility of water user. Pressurized irrigation water can be purchased in 40,000-gallon increments. Water must be used between the dates of June 1 and Oct. 1. Payments must be received by June 1.

A pay raise for the recorder was discussed, but put off until the new fiscal year begins. It had been suggested to rise from $400 a month to $500.

Bill Gilson was present from the county road department to answer any questions concerning the 8800 West road project. The bid opening for the 8800 West asphalt project was held May 14 at the county road shed. The council met on May 15 to select the construction bid.

The storm water easement agreement was signed by Mayor Tree and Kathryn Munns with the council approval. This is for the installation of a 24-inch culvert that would allow storm water to drain off 27100 North and under 8800 West into the ditch area on the Gary Samples property.

Rupp Trucking will be making more repairs on 9200 West. There is asphalt needed, and also removal of pipe and smoothing of the gravel road.

Work is moving forward on the “Portage then and Now” book. There is one bid for printing and more are sought.

A pay raise was approved by the council for the park general employees from $7.25 an hour to $8 an hour. Employees are Amanda and Seth Lofftis and Glen Jacobsen.

There was a discussion by Tyson Nielsen, new councilman over parks, concerning getting a new lawnmower, or getting estimates for the repair of the old machine. Seth said the old mower stopped in the middle of his mowing this week.

Martina Johns led discussion for building permit approvals by Trent Van Tassell and Revere Chambers.

Sgt Bennett was present and stressed: lock your car doors. This is the time of year that vandals are looking to steal cars. They hit small towns most often, and more often than not, they do not have to hotwire the cars because the keys are left inside. Lock your cars also inside your garages because they can also get your codes easily.