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Zane and Laura Wheatley celebrated their anniversary Friday by having dinner at the Olive Garden in Logan. Then they did some things together that seemed to be hard to find the time for at other times. The girls spent the night at Zane’s parents’ home.

Saturday morning Zane had some friends come who wanted to get together for dinner at Maddox Ranch House. “It was good to see and be with them,” Zane said.

During the same day Laura, Zane’s sisters and his mom went to the Utah Theater in Logan to see some live theater action. They enjoyed the experience.

Laura reports having had two Thanksgiving days. She hosted her Hendricks family at her and Zane’s home. She made two turkeys; the kids helped her chop up vege3tables for the stuffing. “They were good help,” Laura says. She and the girls did some deep cleaning to get ready for the dinner. All the kids ate their dinner in the garage. “I love my garage!” Laura exclaims.

Then they all attended a party at Maquel’s home for Zane’s family. Laura cooked and mashed potatoes for that. She was glad for the help her girls provided by peeling the potatoes. Zane’s mom made her traditional spaghetti. “It was delicious,” Laura says. Leftovers from the meal were rolled together into egg-roll wrappers for dinner for Zane’s family. Zane’s sister Megan smoked a turkey to eat.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen traveled to Smithfield to have Thanksgiving dinner with friends there. They were told they didn’t need to bring anything since the meal would be simple and all provided, but Orson baked a pumpkin pie and added it to the desserts already there. Everyone enjoyed a fine afternoon.

The Poulsens traveled to Salt Lake City on Saturday to go to a grandson’s birthday celebration. He turned the milestone of five years old. His name is Parker Prince Houston. The couple enjoyed their time there.

Boyd Udy is still getting ready for winter on the ranch. “It’s a never-ending job,” he says. However, he admits having enjoyed the kids’ help.

During the week he rode his horses and drove some of them. He feels they are doing good and coming along well.

Winnie Richman spent most of her week prior to Thanksgiving preparing the food she was asked to bring. She couldn’t find her red cabbage grater, so she asked son Aaron to make the cooked red cabbage. It was delicious. She made beans almondine, and cooked and mashed rutabagas with lots of butter. It was good, too. She also took a can of jellied cranberry sauce to eat with the meal. She took these items to granddaughter Marriah Delacruz and husband Ricky on Wednesday evening so she wouldn’t have to take them Thursday. The whole celebration was wonderful with many of her family members there.

Thanksgiving for Jim and Starr Mitchell was wonderful. They celebrated with a delicious meal at son Steven and his wife Ashley’s, with their daughters Gabi and Madi, in Ogden. The company was fairly small with only 10 present. Starr’s brother Patrick joined them along with Tracy Petit’s two sons Ryan and Tyson, and Ryan’s wife Mandy. Ryan made a beautiful Black Forest cake. Starr made a pumpkin cheesecake. Steven and Ashley baked a 23-pound hen turkey that Jim and Starr raised. “They did an excellent jobs; it was flavorful and moist,” Starr says.

Steen and Ashley did a big bone-in ham, and all the rest of the meal was traditional food. Gabi and Madi were dressed so pretty. Madi’s dress had a turkey printed on it. Ashley did a beautiful, wonderful job with the table decorations.

After dinner, the family from all over gathered on Zoom to call Jim’s father in Texas. Although there were none of them with Mr. Mitchell, he still “saw” all of his children and their families via this marvelous technology.

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