Mountain lion

This young mountain lion was caught, and later relocated, out of Tremonton when homeowners along 1000 N. in Tremonton found him relaxing at their property.

Tremonton couple Jeff and Jean Bonham were in for a surprise on Sept. 5, when a young mountain lion decided to pay them a visit.

Shortly after 1 p.m. that day Jeff and Jean received a notification from their Ring doorbell, a video actually, of an animal on their front porch. The motion sensor picked up the animal that Jeff initially thought was a dog. Jeff was home working outside on the south side of his house when he received the notification.

“I thought it was a dog until I saw the tail on it,” Jeff recalled.

The mountain lion, he soon figured out, was on the move and found shade behind their shed under a trailer. Jeff grabbed his camera, called the authorities and managed to get about 40 feet from the animal for a photo shoot.

“He was such a pretty cat,” Jeff said. “Man, he was good looking.”

The Division of Natural Resources, as well as an officer from Tremonton City Police Department, made their way to Bonham’s home, located along 1000 N., or Radio Hill.

“I didn’t want him destroyed,” Jeff said.

The mountain lion, which the DNR guessed was about 2 years old, was tranquilized and safely brought to another location in Cache County in the mountains.

This was the first time the Bonhams have seen a mountain lion at their home but three years ago they found large paw prints in the snow, very similar to the size of their recent visitor.

The couple’s 3 year old granddaughter, Hadley, named the visitor, “The Tre-mountain Lion,” something they got a chuckle out of.

The Bonhams shared that Ring footage of the mountain lion. It can be found on the Leader’s Facebook page.

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