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This reporter has a big apology to Patty Tillman of Corinne. Even after knowing her for years, I have continually spelled her name wrong in this column! So Patty Tillman, spelled with a “y” and not an “i,” — so sorry.

Primary elections have passed. Now each candidate is charged with letting people know they really want to serve their particular community. As of this column’s deadline, final results were not available. Unofficially, the four individuals vying for seats on Corinne City Council include (in no particular order) Wade Layton, Ann Whitaker, Curtis Hansen and Danna Hutchison — although at last count, Hutchison had a lead of just one vote over Lindsey Long, with the potential for more ballots still to be counted. Only two will be elected to the council in November.

During the Meet the Candidates Night held last month, the above people had an opportunity to voice their hopes and aspirations for Corinne. Layton said he wanted to “make Corinne strong,” improve infrastructure and work on safety measures for the city. Whitaker said she wanted to keep open discussions and understanding, with planned growth. Hansen voiced concerns regarding growth, water and sewer issues. Looking forward to hearing more from each person.

Back to School Night for Century Elementary students and parents will be held Aug. 24 from 4 to 6 p.m. Teacher lists will be available that night. Kindergarten testing will be held Aug. 30 and 31, making the first day of school for these youngsters Sept. 7. Regular school begins Aug. 30.

Despite lingering COVID issues, school should be a place for learning, a safe place to look forward to going, not a time of frustration for youngsters. Kids follow their parents’ lead. Be positive.

The annual (except for last year) West Corinne Rodeo is back on deck for Sept. 6, as is the Box Elder County Fair next week. So excited.

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