In honor of Mr. Will Hornberger, a teacher at Alice C. Harris Intermediate School who passed away in 2016, students participated in the annual end of the school year biathlon named for this beloved teacher who headed up the event.

On Friday, May 24, sixth and seventh grade students ran and biked in teams and individually racing for the top spot and a place in the record books. Despite the cold and rainy weather, new records were set this year.

Seventh grader Amelia Goodwin broke the girls’ cycling record with a time of 12:29 minutes, 14 seconds faster than the record set in 2018. In the boys’ 7th grade team event, David Bourgeous (cycling) and Dakota Julander (running) set a new record of 14:21 minutes, four seconds faster than the record set in 2018.

This year the Hornberger family, Jennifer, Kimberly, James and Mark, were at the school helping make the biathlon a success and cheering on the athletes.


6th grade iron man:

Zack Dow 18:35

Daxton Gardner 18:58

6th grade iron woman:

Leah Kowallis 21:47

Emily Robison 23:21

Madison Littlefield 25:23

Boston Harding 26:38

Makayla Arnold 29:24

6th grade boys’ cycling:

Cordell Cluff 12:27

Spencer Cefalo 12:57

Tyke Arbon 15:40

Kaylor Wood 17:27

Jorgan Jensen 20:03

6th grade girls’ cycling:

Faith Warner 17:46

Harlei Roach 19:33

6th grade boys’ running:

Tytan Allred 7:40

Caleb Munns 8:28

Raven Cowley 9:35

6th grade boys’ team:

Logan Dow and Joshua Brikon Bingham 16:15

Kash Avery and Tydon Jones 18:02

Dustyn Deakin and Vincent Fertig 18:03

Max Anderson and Bridger Adams 21:13

James Botto and Ricky Campbell 23:16

Gavin Tolman and Leland Ivers 26:25

6th grade girls’ team:

Shayna Higley and EmmaLee Esplin 32:20

7th grade boys’ iron man:

Ren Hunter 17:17

Kaden Kofoed 21:46

Blayton Roche 22:49

Jarom Nelson 23:46

7th grade girls’ iron woman:

Mattie Winward 16:45

Kaya Towne 20:58

7th grade girls’ cycling:

Amelia Goodwin 12:29

Rachel Goodwin 12:31

Brinley Baldwin 14:10

Alison Ashby 16:12

7th grade boys’ running:

Jayden Brayton 6:34

Logan Dean 7:01

Jay Wigington 7:33

Haven Roche 7:39

7th grade girls’ running:

Makenzie Mickelsen 6:21

Avery Steinmann 6:28

Madison Auble 7:04

Kylee Hunsaker 9:07

7th grade boys’ team:

David Bourgeous and Dakota Julander 14:21

Deagan Povey and Justin Madsen 17:45

7th grade girls’ team:

Joy Hunter and Kara Hunter 22:16

Audriana Berrett and Bella Berrett 24:40

Kenadee Evertsen and Rachel Marble 28:17

Haylee Esplin and Lindsey Potter 30:32