Russell Roberts of the Thatcher Penrose First Ward says, “Hi,” to his former commander-in-arms at the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Department.

Laura Wheatley’s sister Joann held a Pioneer Day party at her home in Ogden. All the Promontory Wheatleys attended along with all the Hendricks family. Joann provided pioneer-type games to play. For one of the games, pictures of animals were pinned to the trees. Toy guns and Nerf guns were used to hunt them. Additionally, the kids played in each other’s company while a delicious meal was being prepared.

Kate, daughter number four, turned four this year. She had a party with her own family on Saturday. She chose fondue for her favorite meal item along with cake and ice cream. She received a table and chairs, and a doll she has been wanting. Laura says all the family had a great day.

The Zane Wheatley family has been working at the family garden at the Hendricks home. The garden is thriving.

Boyd Udy has been asked and has accepted the honor of using his beautiful black team of large draft horses to drive the grand marshal in the Box Elder County Fair Parade.

Boyd feels his team is ready to hook up with Parker Haviland’s team for an event in Preston.

Boyd says, “Everybody, come to the draft horse show on Tuesday of the County Fair, August 20th.” Also, daughter Jessica will be driving his big blacks in a class there. “I expect it will be a fun day,” he says.

Starr Mitchell put her special marinade on one of the Mitchell chickens and invited brother Patrick down for a grilled chicken dinner with all the hot-weather trimmings.

The Mitchell’s two granddaughters were out for a couple of days. They played on the equipment and visited Gary and Cleo Petit. Sadly the little moth worm died. It had eaten well but…

Jim and Starr harvested some turkeys for turkey burger to go into their freezer. Starr doesn’t put a lot of additives in the meat, preferring to preserve the fresh taste of the turkey. Then she can add what she wants before fixing it as meals. The birds were big, weighing around 35 pounds “on the hoff.” All cleaned up, Jim says they weighed around 30 pounds.

The Mitchells’ garden is beginning to grow the tomatoes real good. The green peppers are coming along very nicely as well.

Orson Poulsen is trying to ready the new Appaloosa horse he received for training to drive on a cart. The horse is very skittish and proving more of a challenge than Orson thought it would.

Jeannette again enjoyed her crocheting class at Marie Roche’s last week.

Monday Winnie Richman drove to Smithfield Implement for their Pioneer Week sale. She came away with what she wanted at a good savings. She also found the hard brass bolts with nuts and washers for her tractor; a savings, at least, of an extra stop. “Thank you, Smithfield Implement,” Winnie says.

When she got home, she and Tina Cosgrove sat together for a few minutes of conversation. Tina gave Winnie an early birthday present from her and Annissa Porter (Winnie’s ministering angels) since she, Tina, will be gone on Winnie’s birthday. “Thank you, Tina and Annissa,” Winnie says delightedly.

Tuesday Winnie finished stacking some triticale hay. She will now prepare for the loads of alfalfa hay coming in the near future.

Since there was no art on Wednesday due to the holiday, Winnie “wussed out” all day.

Several chores around the farm and in the house on Thursday (after delivering the Promontory News), Friday, and Saturday occupied Winnie’s time. She also just rested up and read a good, long book and listened to her favorite music on 89.1 FM. All in all, Sunday's activities were eagerly anticipated as a chance to move about. She was in the library Sunday and was busy there: the copy machine worked perfectly every time! Choir was real fun.

Again, home, a nap, and evening chores. Her cute little kittens are getting gangly and, sadly, fewer in number. However, the all-black one and the sort of Siamese tan kitten with bright blue eyes, and two of the striped black and gray kittens are still hungry enough to come out when Winnie calls, “Here, kitty, kitty,” and hucks the can of cat food in a straight line towards her herd of cats. Amid plenty of growling and jockeying for position on the line, Winnie waters her little volunteer elm tree and fills the water trough for the cats’ convenience. Ah, done! Now to water her flowers and two lilac bushes and truly be done. She will check the weather on the Weather Channel, read to her heart’s content, and go to sleep!