Although the Udy family’s team raced well at the cutter races Saturday, Boyd Udy was helping Shawn Judkins at his horse show Saturday and Sunday. There were 60 horsemen and their horses competing in various classes of heading and heeling, tie down roping and a stock horse class both days at the Fairgrounds.

Boyd moved the cattle for the classes and Shane Haviland helped him. “It was a real good show,” Boyd says. Once the cattle were in place for the next class, Boyd got to watch what the act was in the arena. He rode horses sired by his great horse, Crocker.

Georgia Wheatley and her older sister Everly are both back to their piano and guitar lessons. Nora Wheatley is growing fast and is very strong.

Due to illness in several families, a belated Christmas party was held by Zane Wheatley’s parents in Deweyville on Sunday. Only his sister from Arizona couldn’t attend.

Ruby Wheatley is asking almost daily how many days until her birthday this coming summer. Not understanding numbers, she felt 200 days wasn’t too long; but 105 might “take forever!” Laura keeps telling her that she’ll give her plenty of notice, to no avail.

Jim and Starr Mitchell are very busy in their home getting ready to paint their living room. First, clear every movable thing out of the way, then wash the area to be painted, then put covers over the immoveable furniture. “There is more time spent on preparation than the actual painting,” Starr says.

The Mitchells saw granddaughters Gabi and Madi for a while last week. Madi is pushing her toys and standing alone. However, when she looks around and sees no support, she quickly plops down and crawls.

The Poulsens report having traveled nowhere during the week. The deck Orson is building behind his house has stalled until warmer, dryer weather. Jeannette is planning surgery in the future.

However, the Poulsens are thoroughly enjoying their service mission. “We have gotten to meet many new and good friends,” Orson says. “We love it!”

April Richman has asked Winnie Richman to express great thanks to Bishop Bruce Munns of the Brigham City Eighth Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for his beautiful piano music at the funeral of good friend Jean Olsen on Friday. The whole Olsen family is in agreement with her. “Thank you, Bishop Munns,” they say.

Monday, Winnie was busy all morning on the telephone. She feels it took all morning, but actually she got the bulls watered by 10 a.m. The water level must not go below the heater unit in their water trough for fear of its burning out. Winnie absolutely hates chopping ice! “Those bulls sure seem to drink a lot of water for as cold as it is!” she says. She is planning to add another tank as soon as it warms up.

On Tuesday Winnie had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend from Shoshone, Idaho. “Hi, Nila Kay Christensen. Thanks for reading this column!”

Wednesday, Winnie and Carolyn Carter drove to art to work on their canvases. Although Winnie misplaced some new brushes, she was still able to start on the bird in the picture. Joyce Wally, the teacher, said Winnie was doing great on the bird. It is so hard to make progress when every brushstroke and every color must be planned for the picture to come close to completion. Carolyn is making great progress.

On Thursday Jeff Schultz came to help Winnie feed hay to the cows and horses in the field. The animals are in great shape, but Winnie is worried if she’ll have very many early calves. Last year, most of her calves were born by the middle of April. Some more experienced cowboys postulate that Mother Nature has a way of keeping the cows open until the weather in nine months will be optimal for the cows to have their babies. We’ll see.

Friday, Winnie picked up good friend Carolyn Carter to attend the funeral of Jean Olsen. It was a lovely tribute to a very wonderful lady.

Saturday, Winnie forced herself to sleep late. She went down to water her bulls and came up to enjoy a quiet breakfast. Son Lyle came later in the day to feed the cows and horses in the pasture. Winnie had it easy just driving the truck and hay trailer while he fed the bulls a bale of hay.

Sunday was 8 a.m. choir practice. Even watering the bulls only made Winnie ten minutes late. The song was beautiful. The choir did a great job under direction from Tiffany Schultz accompanied by Deb Hudman.

Home, a nap, chores and organizing for the coming week occupied Winnie’s afternoon and evening.