wheelon award

John and Kathy Vicars, the 2019 recipients of Garland City's annual Wheelon Award, led the city's Wheat and Beet Days parade as grand marshals on Saturday, June 29. The Vicars were recognized for their contributions to the local community through their trucking businesses, as well as a hunting guide service they run for wounded military veterans and children with disabilities.

John and Kathy Vicars of Garland are the 2019 Wheelon Award receipts, an annual honor given to members of the community that have given back, not only to Garland City but the community.

They led the Wheat and Beet Days parade as grand marshals on Saturday, June 29, 2019, and received Garland City’s annual Wheelon Award that night at the Garland City park. Garland City Mayor Todd Miller presented John and Kathy the 2019 Wheelon Award.

John and Kathy met and married 10 years ago and continued their love of trucking and helping others. Kathy owns JK Trucking and together they own Vicars Trucking, with their main customers being Nucor and Western Metals.

Away from their busy schedule, John and Kathy have land west of Nucor where they provide guided hunts to wounded warriors and children with disabilities.

“This is our true passion to be able to provide this service to men, women and children who may not have this opportunity is a blessing to Kathy and I,” John said. “It brings such joy in our lives and we are grateful for the opportunity to help.”

This act of service caught the eye of one Utah magazine. In May 2019, John and Kathy were featured on the cover of Utah Game Warden magazine with an article on one of their most recent adventures. Their hunt was with Addi, a 13-year-old girl who overcame her physical limitations to bring down a trophy buck.