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I know that the coronavirus has changed a lot of things in 2020, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have the Christmas Spirit this year in Portage.

I know that there are Christmas puppies that have been born and are yet to be born. Cheryl Beck has adorable Pomeranian puppies that look like little balls of fur running around. The Dunhill/Baum family is expecting puppies any day from Angel, their pure white lab. Both families are excited and enjoying this treat at Christmas.

Are we too busy to know our neighbors and what is happening in their lives? Do we care, or are we too busy to watch and see what might be needed or wanted? There is a man in town that never fails to shovel the sidewalk and plow in front of Vera Rose’s home. He has done this for years ever since her husband passed away. Never stays to get a thank you and never receives a call to come. It’s just done every time there is a snowstorm.

Vera has been out of town quite a bit lately helping her family. Some live in Malad, Salt Lake and Ogden. If they need help celebrating birthdays, need a mother’s attention or any number of things, she is always available. She is probably the most energetic and kind 86-year-young person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Sorry to report that Glen Jacobsen has had a heart attack. Surgery will follow soon. His wife has been ill for quite some time. Grant and I had just driven into town and were surprised to see the ambulance at their home. What can we all do to show them the spirit of Christmas this year?

I love watching the snow falling out our door in the living room. It is beautiful. I think the REAL Spirit of Christmas is in our hearts — thinking what needs to be done and stepping forward to do it. We had an 11-year-old boy shovel our walks and front steps. Creo Sanchez is his name and he even tried to do it without a coat. He found out that was not wise, so ran to get a coat. He is never too busy to run and get the mail, pull out an elderly person’s garbage or help in any way he can. Aaron Grunvig plowed out our driveway on Thursday, which is such a big help.

Juanita Montoya needs help with feeding her animals, especially during this snowy season. Call me at (435) 239-3763 for the number.

The other night I was driving into Portage and it made me stop and think how lucky I am to live here. It was snowing and the town looked beautiful with the lights and also the spirit our community has. No one is perfect, not any of us, but I am grateful to live here.

As I viewed the weather on Thursday, what a snowstorm! What I do miss is the Christmas lights on Main Street and the wreaths. No lights on Portage Town Hall? What happened? I have always thought we should light a town tree, the big one by town hall, and have hot chocolate for all those that come to celebrate. Maybe another year. Oh well, just another of my crazy ideas.

I received this on my email the other day and thought I would share with you:

“I am George Bingham, Lesley’s brother-in-law and I live in Chandler, AZ. I grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho and enjoy your town newsletter. The friendliness and togetherness you have is special. I like hearing about your cold snowy weather experiences as I shiver here as we are down to 49 at night now and days are about 69 to 75 degrees. God Bless you all this holiday season! GB”

I wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Be safe out there.

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