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Well, Halloween has come and gone and here it is November. Daylight Savings Time ended once again, even here in Portage, and Thanksgiving is only 22 days away. Did you realize the year is almost over?

We did have some cute goblins running around town on Halloween, and some big ones also. But they all got the same stuff. Hope everyone had fun.

Last Monday we woke up to the temperature outside of 11 degrees. I thought we were going to freeze inside the house. We do not have central heating and we have baseboard heaters in the office, kitchen and bathroom, and they don't much help when it is that cold. So we rushed off to Lowe's and bought an “infrared heater,” and that has really done the trick. It is so nice to be warm, even in the living room.

We still are not as cold as Oklahoma. Angela (used to be Cannon, do you remember her?) said it was so cold that it was raining ice. I don't think I have ever seen that in my life. Evidently the branches of the trees would freeze and break off and fall to the ground.

It was so interesting to be able to view Relief Society on Zoom TV Sunday. I am still getting used to all this technology. We could not get the sound for the broadcast at our home, so I went off the link and almost immediately I got a text from the R.S. President asking me why I had clicked off. I told her that I couldn't hear the speaker giving the lesson and she told me to click some button, which I did, and I could actually hear Leslie Gibbs talking! Amazing! I guess it shows what generation I am from. Dwayne and Cathe Runyan are doing the virtual media for both the Sacrament meeting and Relief Society. Priesthood meeting hasn't been so lucky so far.

Yes, Vera Rose is home. Her car is not because she loaned it to her granddaughter who had an accident last week. Granddaughter was fine, but not so much the car.

Jason Weyland has been home for the last couple of weeks. He has been living in Hixson, Tennessee. He left this week to visit friends in Provo for a week, and then before Thanksgiving will head back home to Tennessee. Good visit with everyone.

Startins also had a fun visitor this week. Julia is her name, and she has been living in Alaska. I met her a couple of years ago when they were living in our home and she is quite the character. She happened to give them a red toaster and Joan passed it on to me, so I think of her often when toasting. Her visit with them lasted almost a week and was a lot of fun with reminiscing and hearing all her stories about her adventures. She fell in love with Portage once again. Julia has been doing some traveling and staying with kids all around Salt Lake City and Provo. Ron and Joan took her back to Bountiful yesterday and had a great ride. If you know the Startins, you know they love to ride.

Have a great week everyone!

Oh — I almost forgot, the county should be laying asphalt around town this week if it hasn't already been done.

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