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The secret is out. Myriads of people are finding the area of west Brigham City and even more west close to Corinne a wonderful place to live. As a result, the ward houses are pretty well overflowing in church services for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And as a result some ward boundaries will have changed by the time this article is published. New officials, new neighbors, new experiences for us all.

Corinne First Ward enjoyed the homecoming talk of Annie Ellertson last week. She served a mission in the Tacoma, Washington, area.

Della Marble enjoyed a surprise party held on her behalf last week. She turned that magical number in years not spoken of out loud. Congratulations to Linda Norman, who has a mother of even more years to her credit. Thora Anderson, Bear River, celebrated her 95th year last week.

The community extends condolences to the family of Carol Nicol, who has passed away.

The beautiful cold weather is welcome to those few who need to get out on the fields with that wonderful fertilizer saved up for this occasion. The rest of us driving along the used roads kind of hope for a thaw, a big snow storm or a bunch of flat tires. Life goes on.

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