Utah state fishing records broken in 2019

• Catch and keep: Golden trout. Set by Isaac Vance at Marsh Lake at 1 pound 2.88 ounces and 14 7/8 inches long and a 7 3/4-inch girth.

• Catch and release: Striped bass. Caught by Heather Litke at Lake Powell on March 16. It was 44.5 inches long.

• Catch and release: Lake trout. Caught by Matt Smiley at Flaming Gorge on May 4. It was 48 inches long.

• Catch and release: White crappie. Caught by Nathan Martinez on the Sevier River on Aug. 8. It was 9 inches long. However, that record was broken by Tim Duke on the Sevier River on Nov. 24, with an 11.5-inch fish.

• Spearfishing: Tiger muskellunge. Set by Jacob Hansen at Fish Lake on June 14 at 32 pounds, 51 inches long and a 21-inch girth.

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